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The Opening of Days of Israel Culture

On 27 April 2006 The Opening of Days of Israel Culture was held in the Town of Velikii Novgorod

During one month, beginning from the April 27, the Days of Israel Culture dated to the 58 Anniversary of creation of State of Israel will be carried out in Velikii Novgorod, Russia.

The organizers of Days are the Israel Culture Center under the Israel Embassy in Russian Federation and Jewish Community of the Town of Velikii Novgorod. Irit Boguslavsky, Director of Israel Culture Center in Sankt-Peterburg, and Alexander Brod, Director of Moscow Bureau on Human Rights, came to Velikii Novgorod for the Opening of Days of Israel Culture. Edward Alexeev, Leader of Web-cite Haverim Russia-Israel also was invited to take part in the ceremony.

The solemn Opening was held on 27 April in the Municipal Center of Velikii Novgorod Dialogue. In the presence of many guests and journalists the Greetings were said by Oleg Popov, Deputy Head of Administration of Velikii Novgorod on Culture and Youth Politics, and by Boris Spitsin, Deputy Head of Administration of Velikii Novgorod on Social Questions and Health Care. The Greeting was read from the Russian Jewish Congress which President Vyacheslav Kantor is also the co-owner of the huge Novgorod enterprise Akron. The Greeting was also said by the Internet-initiative Haverim Russia-Israel.

Simultaneously the photo-exhibition My Israel was opened in the municipal Center Dialogue the works by members of Jewish Community of Velikii Novgorod. There was concert of Jewish music and dance in the end of the Ceremony.

And earlier in the morning of the same day, 27 April 2006, there was Meeting in the Center of Creativity of the Novgorod University of Irit Boguslavski and Alexander Brod with students and journalists. They discussed the problems of xenophobia and Anti-Semitism in media. There was big coverage in media of this Meeting and of the Opening of Days of Israel Culture. Later on in the Administration of Velikii Novgorod Region Irit Boguslavsky, Alexander Brod and representatives of the Internet-initiative Haverim Russia-Usrael continued negotiations on their cooperation in future.

The Program of Days of Israel culture includes the exhibition Children of the World are Drawing Bible, demonstration of Israel films, master-classes on Israel dancing, other exhibitions and also Seminars.

As organizers explained the Days of Israel Culture were also opened in parallel in the Town of Petrosavodsk. Earlier such Days took place in Syktyvkar and Arhangelsk. There are plans to organize such Days in all centers of North-West of Russia. As Irit Boguslavsky said: This is beginning of long-standing cooperation. We discuss different projects. As to Velikii Novgorod this is not a one-time action