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All-Israel Association “Justice for Repatriates” (צדק לעולים) carried out The First International Forum-Conference “Justice and Integration” on the 1-2 November 2005 in Tel-Aviv, Hotel “Dan-Panorama”. More than 250 representatives of Israel and international structures took part in the Conference.

Among participants of the Forum-Conference:

— Representatives of Jewish Agency “Sohnut”

— Representatives of Ministry of Absorption

— Members of Knesset.

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Forum was greeted by Deputy Minister of Absorption Marina Solodkina, by Members of Knesset from different parties, many international, American, European, Russian Public organizations etc.

The work of the Conference was organized in three directions:

— Culture and spirituality

— Science, technology, business

— Public organizations and professional integration of specialists-repatriates

In frames of the Conference Round Table “Future of Community” was organized.

Following reporters had a floor at the First Plenary Session:

 Dr. Marina Solodkina, Deputy Minister of Absorption, Member of Knesset

«Actual problems of absorption and integration»

 Alex Kaz, Head of the SIC Department of Jewish Agency (Sohnut)

«Repatriation now and in future from the point of view of Sohnut»

 Svetlana Semkina, Chair of the Association “Justice for Repatriates”

«The notion of “justice” and its place in integration»

 Anna Lyudvin, Chair of the human rights amuta “LATI”

«There is no Israel without Aliyah – legal aspects of integration of repatriates»

 Iehuda Avreh, Director of the educational network “Toldot Ieshurun”

«Spiritual absorption of Olim from the Former USSR»

 Dr. Zeev Hanin, University Bar-Ilan

«Public organizations and adaptation of repatriates in Israel society»

 Dr. Yuri Shtern, Member of Knesset

«Aliyah from the Former USSR, Israel elite and future of the country»

Second Plenary Session, which took place at the 2-d day of the Conference, was dedicated to local problems of “Russian street”. The following reports were presented:

 Eli Zarhin, Director General of Association in protection of children of repatriates

«Problems of adaptation of children of repatriates in the Israel society»

 Raya Riger, Director General of the All-Israel Parents’ Forum

«Family in the transitional period of repatriation»

 Yuliya Shtraim, Deputy of the City Council of Haifa.

«Analyses of the possible development of public and political tendencies among repatriates within the nearest years, conflicts inside community and attempts to unite the forces of repatriates»

Results of the Conference:

1. The decision was made to create the Association of public non-commercial organizations called “Justice”.

2. The adoption of basic items of Regulations of Association “Justice”.

3. Unanimous opinion of participants was expressed about necessity to organize such a public Forum annually.

4. New ways of development of public structures working for integration and absorption were identified.

5. There were proposed and discussed new mechanisms of interaction between different public structures and State bodies, international foundations.

6. The question was emphasized about necessity of purposeful solution of particular problems of the Russian-language community and concentration of efforts of the “Russian street” public organizations upon problems of youth, teenagers and special professional groups.

Organizers of the Conference express the hope that conducting of this Conference is a clear proof of necessity of interaction and integration of all new repatriates’ public structures which will serve the welfare of Russian community in particular and Israel as a whole.

Organizing Committee of the Conference assures that problems discussed at the Forum will be systemized and publicized in short terms. We are sure that conducting of this Forum was vitally needed for solution of urgent problems. We appeal to all interested parties and personalities to begin the preparatory work for the Second International Forum, scheduled for October-November 2006.

Organizing Committee of the First International Forum-Conference “Justice and Integration”;

Board of the All-Israel Association “Justice for Repatriates”;

Coordinating Council of Association for integration and interaction “Justice”.