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Some documents describing activities of Norwegian Committee Help Jews Home

(Hjelp Jodene Hjem — HJH)

Dear Haverim visitors! In this new Chapter we place some documents reflecting the work of our friendly organization Committee Help Jews Home which we cooperate fruitfully during almost two decades. Assistance in the work of the Committee is rendered by Norwegian Christian and Jewish organizations, however main support comes from millions of people of Norway those who strongly believe in the History Mission of chosen people and the State of Israel. And this support of millions is specially significant in view of the shameful anti-Israel position of the Government of Norway and of the most important Norwegian media (which is also reflected in the materials published in this Chapter). Documents are published on the Web-site in the Russian-language and English-language translations from Norwegian.

Movement without Frontiers

Web-site Haverim

Issue 1 News Bulletin, 2 February 2009.

Issue 2. Where are we sliding into?... When something happens

Issue 3. Programs supported by HJH. Hanukkah and Christmas greetings from HJH Chairman